• Trade with our Index Trading Systems and profit from the volatility of the market up or down

    Our nimble Index Trader System positions you in the market more than 90% of trading days long or short. As a member, you will have access to our daily disciplined stop-loss risk management.
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  • Using our Stop-Loss order management you will have the ability to profit, or to avoid, market downturns and to ride the trends

    Investing based on long term trends and cycles has the benefit of not getting caught up in the cracks of the market, while riding the bigger trend. With our system, you will profit in short, long, or cash position.
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  • Let our easy-to use systems free you from the stress of making emotionally tough investment decisions.

    We give you daily crystal clear trading signals for entry and exit into the equity markets of U.S. and Canada, all protected with rigorous risk control.
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Why ETF Trade Advisor?

Momentum trader or long term trader

Trade and invest with our cutting-edge mechanical system. You will have access to our rule-based systems to profit from both Bull or Bear market. You will benefit both ways.

Trade with peace of mind

Avoid the emotional ups and downs of the market roller coaster with our trading systems. When you’re in a trade based on our signals your open positions are protected daily with stop-loss pricing generated from our risk management algorithm. Our progressive risk control mechanism protects gains on winning trades, as well as minimizing losses when a trade is not going in our direction.

We are focused on select ETFs

There are over 1500 ETFs in the market. Very few of them meet our rules of trading. Here are the ones in our focus which have proven to work with our methodology. In the U.S market we trade SPY (S&P 500) and SSO (Double bull S&P 500), In Canada we trade XIU (TSX 60 large cap),
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Invest with our systems

U.S. Index Trader System
This unique and nimble system places momentum trades in SPY (S&P 500), SSO (Double bull S&P 500).

The objective is to enter and exit the market, placing long and short positions with our proprietary algorithm which makes the trader positioned in the market over 90% of time. It keeps up with the bull market but makes high profit during the downturns.
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Canadian Index Trader System
(For Canadian residents only)
This system employs the same algorithm, rules and, stop-loss management of U.S Index Trader system but is applied to the top Canadian equity ETF which is offered by BlackRock ishare XIU (TSX 60), the top 60 companies of Toronto Stock exchange.



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  • Kind Words

    “After riding the emotional rollercoaster at The Fear & Greed amusement park I have discovered ETF Trade Advisor. The stress of riding this market is now gone. You take the worry out of investing by telling me where to place my stops the night before. It's a no brainer. Thank you”
    Todd R, Investment Banker, Canada
  • More Kind Words

    “Can't tell you how much I'm enjoying this way of investing. I really feel looked after so I can just work and do what I do best, while you guys keep an eye on things. I am enjoying the profits from the great performance of your program. I've been with you over a year now and although the system is totally against my emotional grain of buying high and selling low, I'm seeing clearly how it works, as hard as it is to stay with it sometimes.”
    Rick S., California
  • More Kind Words

    “ETF Trade Advisor not only was honest and exact about the orders and provided amble time to enter such orders, but ANYONE could have done as well or better than the results stated which should speak to the character and ethics of the organization.”
    Brian Royal, Financial advisor, Virginia, US
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