Who We Are

Eric Kimia, Founder of ETF Trade Advisor

Eric Kimia, Founder of ETF Trade Advisor, draws on over 30 years in trading the markets. Contact Eric with our contact form.

Eric is the market strategist and the publisher of ETF Trade Advisor. He is the one on the firing line, conducting market analyses and making trading decisions daily.

With an economics and finance degree, Eric realized very early in his career that trading was his passion. In 1983 he was recruited by the largest brokerage firm in Canada, now known as RBC Securities. He also worked for Reuters Financial data services of UK in the sales of market data to the capital market of large banks and brokerage houses, setting up trading facilities for equity, fixed income, and foreign exchange.

Eric has been involved in the financial market for over three decades. He has witnessed and traded during the market meltdowns of 1987, 2000-2002, and 2008. After many years of trading he was urged to help others trade for themselves using his rule-based systems. In 2008, after many years of debate, he finally took the plunge and made his dream a reality by launching the ETF Trade Advisor website. By applying his trading rules, he was able to produce clear signals on a daily aftermarket basis for entry and exits to the market. After much trial and error, he recognized the importance of a simple rule of constant adherence to a risk management control mechanism. He lives by two main rules: steady plodding brings prosperity; hasty speculation brings poverty. You need capital preservation to be able to take the next opportunity. It is all about having the staying power to keep coming back again and again to do the next trade.

Our trading rules summary:

  • Never argue with the direction of the market
  • Leave your emotions at the door
  • Small losses are part of the trading business
  • Set the rules. Make it mechanical and don’t break it
  • Emotions are the biggest enemy to trading effectively
  • Do not let the news and daily market drama change your decisions.
  • Trading is an art not an exact science
  • Have a very short leash on your number one enemy called “EGO”. Stay humble, especially when you are on a winning streak
  • Diversify by trading only in broad market ETFs
  • Have rigorous risk control and minimize your losses.
  • Make sure you take or lock in profits during a trade
  • Let your profits run and cut your losses small when you are wrong

The following quote summarizes our firm’s general trading philosophy:

“Humility is the first virtue of investing, and we can never know the future for certain”.

We can only apply intelligence guided by experience and trust to strong probabilities. You have the odds in your favour when you trade with our system.