We are excited to announce the introduction of a new tab on the Member’s Page that has been recently launched for our subscribers.

It is entitled the “NEW Active Sector Trading Portfolio” and it is designed for our subscribers who prefer to engage in more active trading, with an additional level of risk, than our original portfolio provides. We have also recently added four new ETF positions.

This new portfolio does not yet show allocation numbers of the overall portfolio. All allocation numbers are based on investors high risk funds, which theoretically could be as an example, 10% of their cash.

This new system is a work in progress and we will be introducing new features along the way, which will include an allocation recommendation. As always, we welcome our subscriber’s feedback.

The new system can and will include Ladder Trades, where appropriate, so our members can use it to take positions during day times of panic and fear in the market in order to buy in at favorable prices. We also issue signals for Short Trading.

We will be choosing our trades from a variety of ETFs such as Precious Metal ETFs, Raw Materials ETFs, Energy ETFs, different Country Index ETFs, Currency ETFs, as well as different specific sectors of the US economy.

This additional Member’s Page will address the need for some of our subscribers to have the opportunity of allocating a small portion of their portfolio to an aggressive approach, in order to increase the overall rate of return. It must be noted that our original Member’s Page is designed to produce absolute rate of return and not to incur overall loss on a rolling 12 months period.