The following is a snap shot of our member’s page as of market closing on Friday, February, 1, 2013.

Snap shot of our member's page as of market closing on Friday, February, 1, 2013

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If you are an active member, then you will be able to see also the different dates that we used a ladder entry strategy which is our way of entering into risk during big panic periods of the stock market. Buying at very low prices minimizes our downside.

The” Gain/Loss” column is a new addition. It automatically calculates our long position gains as well as any dividends earned during our invested period.

The new column called “Dividends to-date,” which you can access by placing your cursor on the blue numbers, only shows our dividends earned and the dates of payouts.

We are getting close to cashing out of our current positions but it is not time yet. We will cash out some ETFs sooner than later and our members will be alerted promptly of our moves. We will leave the party much sooner than the flock investors.