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General Questions:

Q. How Do I Subscribe?

A. Visit this page for information on how to subscribe

Q. How Much Does It Cost, Is It Secure, and What Payments Do You Accept?

A. Please refer to the Pricing page for details. Membership rates are in USD and vary depending on which subscription renewal period you select.

All transactions are securely processed using our bank’s secure site (TD Bank).

We accept VISA and MasterCard.

Q. How long have you been offering your services on this website?

A. The website has been allowing subscribers to view our signals since 2009. However, recently we have enhanced and built a fully mechanical trading system with algorithms that keep us in the equity markets more than 90% of the times. We issue both Long and Short-Sell signals.

Q. How long ago did you start your website?

A. We started this website and posting our trading signals in 2008, in response to frequent requests from colleagues, clients and friends who were dissatisfied with their professional investment advisors and brokers.

Q. Are your past trades based on actual trades or are they back-tested trades (so called simulated)?

A. All trades prior to January 2018 are back-tested. Best practice is to keep watching our signals to see if they make you money. That is your due diligence to gain confidence in our trade signals.

Q. Do you use an automated trading system (computerized)?

A. Yes we do, and it has been adapted, enhanced and upgraded. The new world of trading that we are in includes: high-frequency traders, robo traders and large institutional investors. Plus, take into consideration that every “mom and pop” in the world now has access to some sort of computer and off-the-shelf trading system with algorithms that are essentially all the same but with slightly a different flavor.

At the end of the day, the market does not reward the mass but rather only a small group of experienced traders with a very different, cutting edge trading methodology. We are confident that we have arrived there after 35 years of trading experience.

New Members

Q. I’m a new member. Is it prudent to place an order immediately based on the current positions posted on the Members’ Page?

A. The answer depends on the present price of the ETF. If the price is close to our most recent stop price by one or two percent, then yes place an order. Keep in mind that as the position goes on for a while then the opportunity for making large profit keeps reducing. So, tread carefully with an open position if you are new. You can always wait for a new trade signal.

Trading with Our Signals


Q. Do you offer short sell signals to take advantage of downturns in the market?

A. Yes, we do. All three of our ETFs take both long and short positions in the market.

Q. Would you recommend placing a high percentage of my portfolio under your timing program?

A. We cannot make a judgement call on your personal situation and risk tolerance. You will have to decide what percentage of your portfolio you would allocate to each of our trading systems. We simply publish our trade signal on our signal pages as well as provide direct communication via email. We are not registered and licenced Investment Advisors. We strictly publish our trade signals. It is up to you use them and execute.

Q. Do you use Stops?

A. We employ rigorous stop-loss management at all times when we are in an open trade. This also serves as a profit-locking mechanism after a position matures into profit. As a member, you have access to all stop management pricing.

Q. Are your Stop prices trailing?

A. Yes, they are when an advance in long or short position is in progress. Every night we decide whether to change our stop price to lock in the profit.

Q. Do you use leveraged ETFs?

A. Yes, only in our US Index Trader, specifically SSO (2 x S&P 500 Index ETF).

Q. Do you offer automatic trading execution for your subscribers’ brokerage accounts?

A. We refer interested parties to an RIA (Registered Investment Advisor), approved by SEC in U.S. or, a Canadian Registered Portfolio Manager in Canada. These advisors use our signals to execute trade for their clients. We simply facilitate the referral to these accredited companies and individuals. They have full licence to execute automated trades in U.S. and Canada. They also have direct online access to well-known and respected discount brokerage or institutional custodian firms. ETF Trade Advisor LTD is not a Registered Investment Advisor. We simply publish our trades for our subscribers.

We can also suggest this service: Click Here For A FREE Trial With Global AutoTrading

Q. Are your trades verified by an independent company?

A. TimerTrac is tracking our trade signals in 2018.


The Logistics of Each Portfolio

Follow these links to read about the details and logistics for each of our portfolios.