As you have noticed recently every time a sell-off panic happens in the market it is met by a rebound and at times an even stronger recovery such as last Friday’s impressive rally.

Generally, most ordinary investors are confused by quick and volatile price swings. Using stop prices to protect profits can cash you out prematurely in this volatile climate. We are almost halfway into this rally for SPY and QQQ. It is worth waiting for the big reward in the not too distant future.

We have many impatient subscribers who want to have a timing service giving them frequent buy and sell signals to capture all intermediate-term moves along the way, be it short or long. Buying or selling based upon your gains or losses is the worst reason to make any investment decision. If you get a flat market you may be able to do this by finding a range to trade. However, eventually you get beaten up. The market has a way of punishing the uncommitted investors who do not have a longer term view. There is no such thing as a program that can claim consistent and long term success. In other words, there is no free lunch.

Try not to guess how long a move will last. Keep your eyes on the VIX (the Volatility Index), especially when it is below 20 or above 40. It is a much better indicator than absolute prices.