Membership Account Policies & Procedures


Membership fees are paid in advance and are non-refundable.

Membership – Automatic Renewals

All paid memberships are created using recurring billing (not including new Free Trial memberships).

PLEASE NOTE: If you choose not to renew your paid membership you must cancel your membership before the end of its renewal date to avoid being billed for its renewal. See “Membership – Cancellation” below. Membership fees, once paid, cannot be refunded. Depending on when you created the recurring payment, your renewal date may be days or even weeks before your subscription expires, so please note the “Next Rebill” date shown beside the cancellation link on your Payments History page.

Membership – Cancellation

Paid memberships can be cancelled at any time, but payment for fees cannot be refunded. But you can stop your recurring billing for the next cycle, be it a monthly, semi-annual, or annual membership.

To cancel your future recurring subscription payments, log into your account and choose “Payments History” – from there you can cancel by choosing the “cancel” link beside your subscription details.

Cancelling your paid membership will cancel your recurring billing, but you will continue to enjoy full access to all membership benefits until the end of your prepaid period.

Free Trial Cancellation

There is no need for cancellation of free trial memberships, since there is no credit card information required during signup. When your trial ends, your free account will simply expire. If you want to stop receiving our alerts and notices, you can unsubscribe from your member account page.

Membership – Upgrade / Downgrade

If you would like to upgrade (or downgrade) your membership type (to or from monthly, semi-annual or annual), you can do this from the “Account Details” page. Choose the “Add/Renew Subscription” button and select the new membership type.

For changes to your upgraded or downgraded access to the same particular portfolio or portfolio plan, membership will commence at the end of your currently prepaid membership period. The billing periods will not overlap and there will not be any loss of prepaid membership access.

Adding a subscription for a new or different portfolio or portfolio plan than your current subscription, will commence immediately and will overlap with your current subscription. You will continue to enjoy access to your earlier portfolio until that prepaid period ends, and you will simultaneously enjoy access to your new portfolio for the prepaid period you selected.

IMPORTANT: Since all memberships are created using recurring billing, PLEASE NOTE that you must also cancel your previous membership type before the end of its prepaid period to avoid being billed for its renewal.

You can do this from the “Payment History” tab on the “Account Details” page.