Over-Trading just to make a trade

A common question that is asked of us is: Do we have a system that trades more often! This request reminded me of another subscriber which not only is our client but has subscription with other market timers, which they trade more often than us. He has had many losses and they don’t even come close neither to our results nor, our low volatility. None of them issue STOP-Loss pricing which is of great importance for risk control!! That is probably our biggest risk control mechanism and an edge over the others.

I have more than 35 years of trading experience. Any trading more often than ours would be too volatile for end of the day signals. Over trading just to have a trade is almost getting into greedy territory and it is the life of 95% of day-traders. The only day traders that consistently win in general are the institutions that have the horsepower to push price and markets around during the day. They have a huge weapon called massive capital allocated to them for day trading to move markets to their direction, easily take out shorts or long retail swing traders and their stop prices. Retail day trader’s nightmare!