Place your orders outside of market hours and trade before the news hits the street

Trading in a calm state of mind, without the distraction of current market fluctuations, can be very productive in the long run. You can trade in this manner anywhere in the world, travelling on vacation with as few stressors as possible. You can make much better decisions when you are not watching the market fluctuations live on Television or your computer.

The financial markets are primarily driven by emotions. If they were not, then it would be easy to make money and everybody would be a successful investor. That is the reason why trading after hours, away from the emotional frenzy, is so important.

In addition, you should have your position in place before the announcement of any big news that everyone is anticipating, especially any economic data that is due. The average stock-market investor usually just responds to the actual news and ends up losing anyway. On rare occasions, the financial markets become emotionally overbought or oversold–and then there is a piece of news which causes an already exaggerated situation to become even more exacerbated.

Enjoy life and try to stay in the “Zone” about your stock market investments and trading. You will be rewarded financially and also maintain your health and positive relationships with your loved ones. There is a great book called “Trading in the Zone,” written by Mark Douglas. We highly recommend it.