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Excellent comprehensive explanation in your Weekly Editor’s Thoughts, Just right!

Alena G.Canada

I came late to the party, but I followed your suggestion on TLT. I bought an option on 7/30, and sold it this AM on a Trailing Stop – and made 79.77% – in 5 calendar days.
Thank You!!


For decades I never trusted anyone with my money until I tested ETF Trade Advisor. I scrutinized their ETF signals for two years before committing real money. Now I trust them with most of my 7-digit portfolio. Their steadfast discipline of “the strong hand” has allowed me to earn most superior returns at a tiny fraction of the time and exertion of my past efforts. Thanks to ETF Trade Advisors I am now free to spend my time as I please on my hobbies and family.

I can fully recommend EFT Trade Advisors as the most honest, straight forward and rewarding ETF service in North America. I can say that because I tested them all.

Alena G.Canada

I compliment you on your website. It’s well done, concise and fully discloses your historical trades in an easy to read format.

Jim S.

After riding the emotional rollercoaster at The Fear & Greed amusement park I have discovered ETF Trade Advisor. The stress of riding this market is now gone. You take the worry out of investing by telling me where to place my stops the night before. It’s a no brainer. Thank you

Todd R.Investment BankerCanada

I must say how happy I am with my subscription – you are the “steady” hand that I needed – and I am very grateful I found your site – thank you for what you do!


Just wanted to let you guys know how impressed I am with your knowledge and your system. You have taken out the emotional component for me, and I’m now able to ignore my unfounded fears and just trust in your moves, hard as it is sometimes! God I wish I had found your website, ETF Trade Advisor, 10 years ago! It’s better late than never.

Thanks again for the ride, which is much less wild than the roller coaster I’m used to being on! I’ll save that for amusement parks, and leave the serious money management to you!

I am looking forward to the next move. It’s exciting and I actually enjoy investing now in these volatile times we live in! My friends, who I’ve turned on to your site and joined, are very impressed as well. However, they didn’t just go with it in the beginning, and now they’re sorry they missed out by delaying the trades. They’ll catch the next recommendation!

The thing I like is that it’s interactive and I have the responsibility on my part to keep an eye on it daily. This will really help

Keep up the good work! Wish I found you 20 years ago so I wouldn’t have lost most of my retirement with my uncontrollable emotional choices! The Tech Wreck in early 2000’s, etc.

Richard Streifield

I especially like the way you don’t seem to be bothered by the fact that you never hit exact top or exact bottom. That certainly shows how wise you have become to the greed game. That’s where I used to blow it. If it wasn’t exact top and exact bottom, I didn’t “win.” So of course I was never going to be happy or make money.

Nothing like being out of the market, and even on the short side like the HDGE recently. That just felt good


Can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying this way of investing. I really feel looked after so I can just work and do what I do best, while you guys keep an eye on things. I am enjoying the profits from the great performance of your program. I’ve been with you over a year now and although the system is totally against my emotional grain of buying high and selling low, I’m seeing clearly how it works, as hard as it is to stay with it sometimes.

Rick S.California

Thank you. You guys are great! I don’t know how you stay so logically contrarian and uninfluenced by the typical emotions of us Amateurs. Glad to have found you.


I like that you now have an inverse ETF and your new % of portfolio choices.


After spending eight hours every day for thirteen months reviewing investment trading firms based on technical analysis ‘ETF Trade Advisor’ was the only one that passed my due diligence. They were honest, conservative and most of all 100% transparent. The three most important screening points that only ETF Trade Advisor passed during my due diligence were:

1. How was the entry and exit price of the orders determined in the historical used to produce the return data. Calculations were NOT based on the common deceptions of other firms.
2. How much time would you have had to enter the orders? Seeing the signals come in at the end of the day you have ample time to get the orders entered before the next market session.
3. If you had a time machine and could go back with the signals could you have reproduced the results? Not only could you have reproduced the returns but could have done better than the historical return. The return data stated is conservative which I never saw in the other sites.

ETF Trade Advisor not only was honest and exact about the orders and provided amble time to enter such orders, but ANYONE could have done as well or better than the results stated which should speak to the character and ethics of the organization. I sifted through a lot of misleading calculations and returns while spending thousands of dollars before finding a true diamond in ETF Trade Advisor. This company sets the bar that others should try to achieve.

Brian RoyalFinancial advisorVirginia

In the past, with other top tier investment advisors, I had lost 43% of the value of my portfolio. Other professional brokers always told me to buy, however not once did they ever tell me when to sell! The brokers never gave a thought to market timing, they just aggressively tried to sell me their firm’s holdings. Not once did they tell me the markets were looking bad, the current wave was wrong, hold tight with cash for now.

I appreciate your clear speaking advice, and your straight to the point updates on the market conditions, be it favourable or unfavourable. Since following ETF Advisor, my portfolio has flourished with better than average returns, instilling confidence in the advice and relationship.

Thanks and keep up the great work!

Terry GoulahOntario

I love the service that you provide. You have made me a lot of money this past year.

Clint MonchampCalifornia