This pandemic is likely going to be the most disruptive financial and social event in decades. The financial wealth decline will have a major impact on consumer spending globally. The restrain on spending in future years to rebuild savings, especially since the crisis caught a lot of middle-income families at a time of high debts and low savings. We are almost at 30 million able folks unemployed in the US alone.

So, how does a savvy trader navigate these waters and make money? By being very nimble and flexible in trading. Long or short, positions will be brief in duration. In addition, be ready for wider Stop-loss numbers issued by ETF Trade Advisor system. We must give room for higher volatility during the day, so that we are not cashed out prematurely. Stay highly flexible!


As for the ETFs that we trade, our focus is SPY, Long or Short trade. If we want to open short position in any Retirement account SH is our top pick. We are not a fan of leveraged ETFs such as SDS, especially during volatile periods.