Our Trading Systems

We offer two distinct systems for trading and proactive investing in the market. All of our systems can be accessed by becoming a subscriber on a monthly, semi-annual or annual basis.

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U.S. Index Trader

The goal of our U.S. system is to produce active returns by taking long and short positions via two ETFs: SPY, the ETFs tracking S&P 500 index, and SSO, the ETF representing 2 times bull of S&P 500 index. All trading orders/signals are based on and produced by our rule-based proprietary system. It is a fully automated system and the algorithms and methodology is derived from our 30 years of trading experience. There is absolutely no human emotion involved and orders are executed confidently. Historically, our methodology has kept up with the bull runs and stays in the market. However, we benefit enormously during major downturns by taking short positions. All positions are placed with our Active Stop Order mechanism which offers peace of mind when the marker goes against us. All positions and stop prices are updated every afternoon after 4.30 pm EST.
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Canadian Index Trader

The goal of our Canadian system is to offer our subscribers residing in Canada participation in the TSX 60 index by taking long and short positions in the most well-known and high volume ETF trading of Toronto Stock exchange: XIU.TO (TSX 60), We take both short and long positions in both ETFs. The trading methodology in this system is the same as our U.S. Index Trader.
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