So, ETF Trade Advisor and Eric missed the January rally. Our bad, and we admit it by taking full responsibility. Lessoned learn and it should not happen again.

I must say that we miss-read the power of the recent rally by a long shot. These days the market vividly remind me of the 1999-2000 feeding frenzy. We all know what happened subsequently. Well-know hedge fund managers and traders start shorting the market in 1999 and lost a lot of money. They were too early.

As we always preach a seasoned market timer/trader should just go with flow, as hard as it is and never fear the outcome. We broke that oath this time and paid for it in our own portfolio and our subscriber’s discontent. It shall never happen again and, we have no excuse for it.

Stay tuned for the next trade that will most likely be a short position.

The Editor